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Hi, I have no plumbing experience and a small problem - I have been hoping you could share your thoughts and let me know what you think is the best solution. I have a garage/shed/whatever you want to call it, which has equipment inside, which relies on steady pressure of water to work properly (it dilutes chemicals and any sudden jumps/decreases in pressure affect the mix). Inside this small building, there is a toilet built from a fake/cardboard wall, where there is a water pipe. I have connected the equipment with the main pipe using a plastic 15mm pipe, as shown on the attached diagram. Unfortunately, the pressure is not really steady (it varies a lot) and it is far from being strong. I was wondering - what should I do? (a) Is there some small automatic water pipe which I could install between the plastic 15mm pipes to increase and stabilise the pressure? (b) maybe if I drilled a hole in the wall and re-route the plastic pipe (to go directly from the toilet to the equipment) this would make a big difference to the pressure and its steadiness? (c) ... or maybe there is something else? Thank you very much for your kind help and time. I really appreciate it. Best regards, Dante
Category: Plumber Post By: IVAN LUNA (Portland, OR), 08/27/2016

LOL LOL your toilet llooks like a tank or a space creature can you take a picture of the pipe and tie in at the equipment. would really be helpfull you might not have a big enough not know yet

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Plainfield, NJ), 09/11/2017

Hi, Thank you for the prompt response! A tank, a space creature? But... my mum always said that my drawings are great... ! ;p. Please find attached the requested pictures (one showing the connection near the equipment and one showing the main pipe connection). NB: the equipment works on on-demand basis (you press the button, it takes water and mixes it with chemicals, thus outputting the necessary mix, to fill e.g. 6L canister), so it's not like I need to shift hectolitres of water... Thank you for all the tips.

- JUDY KELLY (Cranston, RI), 09/15/2017

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