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Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read. New to this site, and have a few general questions that would probably be considered stupid by a master plumber. I am not a plumber - nor am I alluding to be. So please - do not leave egotistical responses - I am just looking for some guidance. I am replacing copper lines in a small residential basement, that have been ripped out. From meter to heater, and then to all broken off stubs . Other than visual assumption of "left is hot - right is cold", what lines go "where" into the house? The stub outs are kind of self explanatory, Im pretty sure I traced it out correctly. Its only 1-1/2 baths and a kitchen sink. Is there any way or testing to do in order to know exactly what your hooking up to? ---- I.e. "this pipe goes to hot on kitchen sink. Also curious to what strapping code is for the first 10 feet off the meter. I am an electrician. I run EMT, and was wondering if strapping was anything the same. Got stuck with this job, and I cant off it to any plumbers at the time. And NO I'm not making any money off this job. Running 3/4 copper in the basement and branching off to 1/2 for all the fixtures. Thank you once again.
Category: Plumber Post By: MARIO HOWELL (Boston, MA), 03/26/2017

i generally just blow in the fixture. if i am by myself, i put a wood chip or what ever on the pipe. go to the sink , turn th valve to hot and blow on the spout with my mouth. walk down stairs, the pipe with out the wood chip is hot the pipe with the wood chip is cold very scientific you need to strap the copper at every turn and every 5 ' if ueing hangers and insulation 1'' insulation, 3/4 pipe is a 3'' hanger and use 2'' 2 hole straps for tieing it down

- DEAN SANTOS (Roswell, NM), 10/02/2017

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