Forum Title: Thrust blocks on water line
Well I had my water line installed going to my house a couple weeks ago. Now I need to run another 350' to my shop with it. I will be using 2" gasketed PVC pipe, with a few spigots teed off of the line along the way. It appears I will need thrust blocks at the tees or change of direction. The trench will be dug with a trencher 20 inches deep. What should I use or how should I go about making thrust blocks. Can't find much information online for smaller piping, but I see the use of concrete as standard. How to protect the line from the concrete? Thanks for any help that you can give.
Category: Plumber Post By: EMILY BARNES (Long Beach, CA), 07/28/2016

Thrust blocks need to be used at all angles and all mechanical couplings

- JOHNNIE CHANDLER (Edina, MN), 10/09/2017

wrap the pipe/fitting to be concreted with vis-queen back the concrete truck up and dump a goodly amount of concrete on every joint we have a sure -nuff utilities contractor on here, named Chris. He will be along, he does this every day

- ERICA LUCAS (Fairfield, CA), 10/11/2017

Ok, understood thanks. I talked with a guy in town about this today, and he just made mention of putting concrete near the joints, bracing off of the undisturbed dirt. Seems like it wouldn't be a good idea of having concrete all around the PVC. He did not mention anything about a barrier In between the two. Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

- LESLIE FRAZIER (Tracy, CA), 10/12/2017

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