Forum Title: Sillcock hammering
Hi there, I have a 6" Everbilt frost free sillcock with vacuum breaker and recently attached an irrigation system and timer valve. When the timer valve closes, the sillcock begins a repetitive banging noise about 3 times a second. During each bang, a small amount of water squirts out of a small hole in the sillcock shaft. I am guessing what is happening is when the valve closes abruptly, the water pressure on either side of the sillcock seal washer equalizes and the spring pushes the valve closed. This allows water in behind the washer into the shaft and vents the pressure (squirt). This creates an imbalance and the sillcock washer is pushed back by the house pressure again, filling the whole valve, the spring pushes back and it happens again .... Bang bang bang. Possible solutions? I thought of cutting the spring to reduce the force, and filling the hollow shaft with epoxy to stop the squirt... Thoughts?
Category: Plumber Post By: STACEY FLEMING (Rockwall, TX), 01/19/2016

a globe valve will make that racket if plumbed backwards i suspect the washer on your bib is chattering, but need to see the piping configuration to be sure

- SARA PRICE (Charleston, SC), 09/24/2017

Don't cut the spring. You need a hammer arresters at the new irrigation system. Preferably between the timer valve and the rest of the system. Really need picture because not knowing how things are set up can affect the placement and Also its sizing.

- SHELLY NEWTON (Yakima, WA), 10/05/2017

can you please show use the piping configuration of this set up ? picture is best but a drawing will do

- DAISY PAUL (Greenwood, IN), 10/13/2017

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