Forum Title: Replace cast iron T with?
Hi - new here and redoing a basement bathroom. In trying to replace the trap, threads broke off inside the cast iron t inside the wall. I removed drywall and though I can't measure perfectly - I believe it's 1 1/2" (~ 1 3/4" od) galvanized drain - from my kitchen sink upstairs. My plan is to cut the pipe above and below the t and then replace using Fernco's and a new t. I'm just unsure what to replace with. Use the same stuff (galv and cast iron) or go to pvc?
Category: Plumber Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Austin, TX), 04/13/2017

do not use fernco. use shielded bands like like phish said.

- WESLEY WONG (Suffolk, VA), 09/01/2017

Well, go figure. I already purchased the Fernco's! Found a bunch of images where people had used them so I thought them to be good. Not so? After actually figuring out what I had it's 1.5 galvanized - so I got 1.5 PVC to replace it with. Is there a good reason to go back to hardware store and find the shielded bands?

- MARSHALL DOYLE (Downey, CA), 10/07/2017

PVC. Use shielded transition bands to attach the PVC to the cast, and be sure to thoroughly support the cast up above the tee before you cut the old one out.

- LORRAINE DAY (Azusa, CA), 10/12/2017

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