Forum Title: I really need some help? Tub won't drain and there are no clogs.
I replaced the whole main drain outside. There is only 1 sink, 1 tub, and 1 toilet in house. The toilet and sink drain fine. Tub drains slow. The sink doesn't have a p trap and is rigged all wrong. Toilet and tub have p traps. If sink doesn't have one will it cause the tub to drain slow if they are connected to the same drain pipe?
Category: Plumber Post By: ALEXANDER HARVEY (Torrington, CT), 08/21/2016

Your sink not having a P-trap is a serious health hazard in itself I would address that first before addressing the tub

- GEORGE MOORE (Hendersonville, TN), 09/11/2017

Anyway you can post a picture of the tub Plumbing

- RUBEN LOWE (Roseville, CA), 10/07/2017

Ya I got the p trap for it. We are in the process of moving in. Trying to get this prob fixed. Any advice on the other question.

- JACK EDWARDS (College Station, TX), 10/14/2017

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