Forum Title: Flushing is getting harder...
Hello all. I'm finding that I'm having to hold down the lever long to get the toilet to actually flush now. It has gotten worse over the last month or so. Also, I'm not sure if this plays a part, but the refill tube keeps coming out of the overflow tube and into the tank. It doesn't seem to want to stay in the tube. My bowl fills up with water, (not as high with the tube not in the overflow tube) but just a quick press and release of the lever does not flush the toilet anymore. I'm having to hold it down a bit to get it to actually pull the water from the bowl. Also, not sure if THIS has anything to do with it, but my son may have flushed a couple of paper towels down the bowl a week ago. They went down, but I thought I'd mention it. Do I just need a new flapper or fill valve? Can I provide you with more info to help diagnose? Thanks in advance!
Category: Plumber Post By: NELSON MARQUEZ (Memphis, TN), 06/24/2016

Chains on those are very short and don't need hardly any adjusting. Probably just need to go to a plumbing supply house and get the original Kohler seal for that toilet. Part number GP1059291 Probably don't have anything to do with the water level either seems to how that is all original assuming you haven't tampered with it.

- CLAUDIA GRAVES (Westminster, CO), 09/02/2017

either chain adjustment or new flapper

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Salina, KS), 09/04/2017

I would replace the full valve and leave a long upward arch on the tube going into the over flow so the tower don't knock it out when flushed . If the water level is too low in the bowl then the half tank water the low flow kohlers use then it won't flush all the way and you will need to hold down the handle i would start there more than likely the issue is just the low water in the bowl

- MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 09/10/2017

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