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So I have recently installed a drive-point well system (some may call it a sand point). The water is drawn by a 3/4 hp jet pump, which then spits out the water en route to a Bosch AE125 electric hot water heater. The installation of the water heater requires that no plastic (PEX or other) be connected within 3 feet of the unit which I take to mean the inlet, or the outlet. The entire unit including the pump and the heater are housed in a temperature controlled shed which is attached to my cottage. What I would like to know is: If I don't want to use stiff copper lines going to and from the hot water tank and would prefer something flexible, what are my options? And, what are the considerations? I have looked at corrugated copper as one potential but have read some very negative things. Stainless steel braid maybe, although I am unsure about the pressure?
Category: Plumber Post By: BERNARD OLIVER (Los Angeles, CA), 04/10/2017

if it is the ability to work on the heater that is causing you twitterpation then why not continue with the ridgid copper pipe but add a union on each line, at the w/h. then, the w/h can be removed with out using torch instead a pipe wrench would be the tool of the day in my opinion, ss or corrugated are poo poo actually, it is 18'' not 36'' on the pex/plastic pipe but we wont quibble

- RAMON SANTIAGO (West Sacramento, CA), 09/14/2017

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