Forum Title: Basement sewer above concrete?
Hi all, I have a house from the late 50s that has clay sewer pipes under a concrete basement floor. We have what we think is a bow/break in the pipes due to it becoming backed up frequently, and were advised by multiple plumbers to replace with plastic. My Question is are there any regulations about having to put sewer pipes back in the floor of a concrete basement? A lot of the floor would need to be chopped out to get to the pipes, which we simply cannot afford at the moment. My Dad suggested just running the sewer lines above the floor using 3 or 4 inch plastic line by picking up the fall pipe from the toilet, attach and run around the walls and box them over to hide them, then chop through the outer wall and pick up the waste line outside going into our septic. It seems simple enough and would avoid the hefty labor charges, my concern is if its ok to do this regulation wise, and if it would affect resale value of the property any? Thank you Steve
Category: Plumber Post By: ANA SANDOVAL (Milwaukee, WI), 11/13/2016

ok, yes if you are willing to get rid of the toilet, all your sewer line can be run over head

- KELLY BELL (Midland, TX), 09/28/2017

Nothing really, just a toilet we don't use which that could be moved across to the exit wall, nearly all waste is from the bathroom upstairs, kitchen etc already drain elsewhere

- ALEX WALTERS (Sugar Land, TX), 10/07/2017

do you have anything in the basment that requires a drain ? or is all the drains up stairs ?

- YOLANDA ORTEGA (Barnstable Town, MA), 10/13/2017

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