Forum Title: 3/4 Pex inside of 3/4 Pvc???
Hey guys new to forum......I am wondering how hard ,or if anyone has experience in pushing a 3/4" Pex sold at Lowes inside of a existing run of 3/4" schedule 40 Pvc for my main water line to my house? I have a leaking line and its nearly 250'. I was at Lowes today looking at Pex and Pvc and saw where 3/4" Pex slides through 3/4" Pvc pretty well..... I only have one spot to worry about when it turns up into the house but i think i can dig it out pretty easy......(under the house in a crawls space). I just don't want to dig up the yard and i would have to move how the existing line comes into the house due to pouring of concrete after waterline installation. Donny
Category: Plumber Post By: DONALD HERNANDEZ (Sacramento, CA), 02/09/2016

And even if you did manage to get it through, 250' of 3/4 PEX, plus the insert fittings, you will not have very good water pressure.

- CLIFTON OCONNOR (Ventura, CA), 09/04/2017

You are not going to be able to push 250 feet of people if it does fit. Any turns and your screwed plus it is to long of a run in would find bad section and repair also might wanna put a pressure regarding at meter depending on city pressure

- BETTY THOMAS (Biloxi, MS), 09/17/2017

I am a little skeptical it would work anyway .....finding the leak has been difficult.....

- ALAN POWELL (Danbury, CT), 10/01/2017

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